Pop & Electronic music

Shauntell is in collaboration with Fernando Otero, a Grammy award winning pianist from New York. She is involved in a project which they make music and write compositions together. Their repertoire consists of modern chamber and electronic music. Fernando and Shauntell offer concerts as a duo or quartet ensemble in the modern chamber music style. 

Fernando: 'When facing the creation of a new musical project, I suddenly realize I’m in front of a source of enthusiasm and joy. It’s a call, telling me that unexpected challenges are back in my life. 

And making music with Shauntell was an enjoyable and learning experience. When writing arrangements for the pieces we recorded, I could count on many existing artistic elements she can offer, as a violinist, vocalist, and bass player, which she delivers with excellence. Her rhythmical prowess when playing the violin defined the character of the pieces, executing melodies sharply and intensely. And essentially, I found her consistency, commitment, and conviction as the forces propelling every little step and detail when materializing our project. '

Overlooking - La Vista Gorda - Fernando Otero - Shauntell Baumgard - YouTube

Pop orchestra recordings

First violinist EP Album called 'Challem' for pianist and composer

Joachim Challem


More pop recodings coming soon! Stay tuned!