Latin music

Mi casa es tu casa

So, I wrote a short song 'Me casa es tu Casa'. Ofcourse in the style of latin American music, one of my favorite music genres. I played all the percussive instruments by myself using the violin. Enjoy!

Project latin department Codarts as a solo violinist

Arranged by:

Thomas Böttcher

VocalsNehujaël Martha, Sophie Nakou, Nina Künzel

Flute Carlos Dadín Domínguez 'Chavo' (Piotr Tchavosky)

Violins Shauntell Baumgard & Djessy van den Dries

Cello Marta González

Piano Evelyn Vera Gallardo

Bass Alexis Georgiadis

Congas Nueny A. Herreno Villa Timbales, Jorge Sanz Pineda Güiro Lauriane Ghils


Production & Supervision Nils Fischer '

Sound Arash Khosravipour Marc Bischoff Light,

Logistics & Photos Kia Khosravipour

Audio Recording Engineer Marc Bischoff

Audio Mix & Mastering  Marc Bischoff with assistance from Nils Fischer

Film Team Korrelfilm

Arranger for string orchestra in latin music

Shauntell writes string orchestra parts for different music genres.

Oscar D'leon Lloraras (violin cover arrangement)

Felicidades Oscar D'leon por tu aniversario de 50 años en la tarima! Queridos saludos desde Holanda!