Kaseko music for violin

Kaseko Violin 


Shauntell, building a new  repertoire for Kaseko music for violin, orginating  from Suriname. The music is based on rhythm, phrasing and african soul.


(Kaseko) Surinamese dance music, which evolved from the traditional Surinamese Creole kawina music, as played by Creole street musicians in Paramaribo since the early 1900s. 


The use of live violin in the Kaseko was already used in the earliest years '50s and 60s by Mr. Alvarez who used it in his then popular 1st Grand Trumpet band, which it was unfortunately forgotten by the instruments like trumpet, trombone and saxophone.


In the symphonic orchestra of the genius and legend Eddy Snijders in which I was allowed to participate in my youth and where Kaseko compositions were also recorded and performed in the repertoire  there were of course also violinists present.