Upcoming shows

2022 - 2023

Due to the corona pandemic, no events are planned yet!

Past shows


Semi-final Dutch Got Talent

Winner Streetlife Culturalis The Hague Hiphop violin

Classick Hiphop Meets Classical Music, Almere Schouwburg


Project Classick Almere Schouwburg Soloist

Unicef Conference ​​performance  Soloist


Parkpop The Hague

Tweetakt Festival Utrecht

Jorgen Raymann Show dutch television


Wiesje Foundation - Gerda Haventong

Arnhem Maxstudiops Theater

Unicef ​​Paul van Vliet Theater Kikker

Utrecht Fashion Award The Hague

Suriname Carifesta - Barbados

Suriname Hotel Krasnapolsky

TV program A house full of reality soap

England Birmingham International Film Festival


Fashion black American Hotel Fashion Award The Hague Rijswijk Tedx Amsterdam


Eredivisie Basketball ZZ Leiden

Winner Tha Block Jam at Kwaku

Festival Radio Brasa interview

Ghosts become Gala Rotterdam

Violin workshop Amsterdam Bijlmerpark

Theater The Concertgebouw - The orchestra of the Netherlands conducted by Jan Willem de Vriend

Opening ceremony Keti Koti - Burger Meester Amsterdam

North Sea Round Town Jazz Recordings conducted by Stefan Lievestro Fashion show

Sepher Margsoudic

Surinamese Consulate Amsterdam

Concert Villa Thalia Wiesje Foundation


Soloist Sabrina Starke Paradiso

Studio Sony Music recording BBrave - Now I Let You Go

World peace conference Die Hague

Bara Ymas Spijkerisse

Photoshoot Elmar Dam Amsterdam


North Sea Round Town conducted by Kempe de Jong

Tango Quartet Kay Sleking Amsterdam

Tango Club quartito Azul

Black Female Archivers Soloist Amsterdam

Eredivisie Basketball Leiden

Soloist Young Metropole 1st violin

Grachten Festival soloist Amsterdam

Opening Valencia Antwerpen

Lunch Concert Tivoli Utrecht

Christmas event Rotterdam

Radio performance Karsu Ned 1


FLoorjax enschede DJ & Violin Bataviering party

North Sea Round Town - Award winning pianist Jamal Peoples Lantaren Venster

The voice of Holland, Singer Jim van der Zee

Tango Salon Cuartito Azul Chamber

concert Duet Shauntell Baumgard & Frank Schumm

AlphabetSoup Rotterdam 

The Great Dinner Show Villa Thalia Rotterdam

New Skool Rules opening Rotterdam

Antwerp Violencia

1st violin RJSO Rotterdam orchestra

Millionaire Fair Amsterdam LXY Friday

New Years Party Wassenaar


The Art of Living - Rosmalen

Nice - Theoule-sur-mer France Wedding

Opening ceremony statue Schiedam

Material District Fair Rotterdam

North Sea Jazz Festival

North Sea Round Town

Jury member Talented Children Rotterdam

Lunch concert Charanga Salsa violin Tivoli

Live on 3fm Yuno Al Ubaida

Reopening Africa Museum

Opera Forward Festival

2020 Corona cancellation

Sophie Redmond talk show January 14

Violin Competision days Yannick Hiwat & Shauntell Baumgard

Oscar Opera Forward Festival December 19