Shauntell in Cape verde 

December 31e live in Cape Verde


7 February 2022

A new interview from Shauntell in Surinamese magazine 'Parbode'

1st January 2022

Interview for Surinamese largest news platform ‘Waterkant’,

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VIDEO: Shauntell brengt ode aan Ewald Krolis op viool - Waterkant

'This is violinist Shauntell Baumgard. She comes from a Surinamese family with twelve brothers and sisters and specializes in musical directions where the violin is not common. This inspires her time and again to explore new musical areas. She recently caused a furore in this area again, by adding kaseko music to her as a genre. She did this in collaboration with Karoe KasekoDatra aka Reguillio Koorndijk and the Ewald Krolis Tribute Band. She performed her translation of the song 'Sosso Boto' by the well-known musician Ewald Krolis exceptionally beautifully. When asked how this collaboration came about, the composer, producer and initiator of the Ewald Krolis Tribute band, Reguillio Koorndijk, says that it is a challenge for him to let young musical talent play this type of music in different ways so that the versatility and our rich culture is given an extra dimension'.

Juli 2021 - currently

Fernando Otero and Shauntell Baumgard

Shauntell is in collaboration with Fernando Otero, a Grammy award winning pianist from New York. She is involved in a project which they make music and write compositions together. Their repertoire consists of modern chamber and electronic music. Fernando and Shauntell offer concerts as a duo or quartet ensemble in the style of modern chamber music.

Fernando: 'When facing the creation of a new musical project, I suddenly realize I’m in front of a source of enthusiasm and joy. It’s a call, telling me that unexpected challenges are back in my life. 

And making music with Shauntell was an enjoyable and learning experience. When writing arrangements for the pieces we recorded, I could count on many existing artistic elements she can offer, as a violinist, vocalist, and bass player, which she delivers with excellence. Her rhythmical prowess when playing the violin defined the character of the pieces, executing melodies sharply and intensely. And essentially, I found her consistency, commitment, and conviction as the forces propelling every little step and detail when materializing our project. '

Overlooking - La Vista Gorda - Fernando Otero - Shauntell Baumgard - YouTube

November 2021 - currently

Kaseko Violin

Shauntell, building a new  repertoire for Kaseko music for violin, orginating  from Suriname. The music is based on rhythm, phrasing and african soul.

(Kaseko) Surinamese dance music, which evolved from the traditional Surinamese Creole kawina music, as played by Creole street musicians in Paramaribo since the early 1900s. The use of live violin in the Kaseko was already used in the earliest years '50s and 60s by Mr. Alvarez who used it in his then popular 1st Grand Trumpet band, which it was unfortunately forgotten by the instruments like trumpet, trombone and saxophone. There were are violinists in the symphonic orchestra of the genius and legend Eddy Snijders.