Shauntell Baumgard, 

is an artist who plays from the deepest part of her heart. Voiced by her violin, one could read her to be romantic with a flavour of spice, sweetened intelligence and unique elegance. Shauntell is a passionated storyteller who loves to touch and awake others with her violin. Shauntell is known as a diverse musician, she plays different genres of music such as Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Caribien music, Kaseko, Tango and Latin music. 

Shauntell Baumgard, born in The Hague ( Holland). She is one of the children from a large family consist of 15 people, of which parents and 13 children.

Mother, Samantha, noticed that Shauntell had such an artistic talent. She liked to dance and musical instruments caught her attention. There was an announcement, in a regional weekly newspaper, by the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague about starting a project for children to learn to play the violin (PIVO- Project). Samantha, got the idea to sign in for the lessons. ShauntelI was allowed to do an audition and she was admitted to PIVO (project) when she was just four years old.

To show the progress of the children, performances were given at the royal conservatory, because 'PIVO I' had gone satisfactorily, she was admitted to PIVO II. In the meantime, Shauntell, 6 years old, was allowed to audition for the musical Lion King and was admitted to the Lion King school. After PIVO II her parents were told that she would not be admitted to the talent class due to lack of finances, but that she could take lessons, on an individual basis, with one of the teachers at the conservatory. It was a huge disappointment because Shauntell had often been told how talented she was. After this she took private lessons, however, after 8 years of violin lessons, her parents had to deal with' financial difficulties unfortunately this led to a breakdown.


Shauntell was able to develop herself in her violin playing and studied at the convertory in Rotterdam 

'The World music department'.